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Our philosophy
We as Fair Roast choose our partners after a personal greeting, tasting and quality check, who obtain and roast the coffee in the respective country of origin. These roasters have a direct trade agreement with the local coffee farmers or cooperations. Some of our partners are cooperatives with their own roastery. This ensures that the high quality of the coffee is rewarded accordingly.
We decided to only purchase the coffee whose roasting process took place in its respective country of origin. Daily, local roasting gives us the guarantee of fresh and unique coffee beans. In the first few days after roasting, the coffee emits carbon dioxide (CO2), so coffee should air out for a few days after roasting before it reaches you. This process was also taken into account in the packaging.
Wherever possible, the coffee is properly packed on site. The coffee can ventilate through the aroma valve on our packaging, i.e. the CO2 can escape, but no air can get into the packaging. The production of the packaging in the country of origin increases the local value chain and thus enables qualified jobs to be maintained in the coffee-growing country. A value creation from coffee cultivation to the finished product.
Frau Kaffee trinken
In our shop you can buy coffee from different countries with different roast profiles for your optimal enjoyment. Then you can enjoy your freshly purchased Fair Roast coffee.
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