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Our story
What does Fair Roast stand for?

Because fair, fair roast is

We have been running Fair Roast since 2021 out of the conviction that we bring you the best coffee taste in your cups. In doing so, we would like to change the coffee value chain. Because really good coffee is only available as long as there is enough life for the farmers. This is the new fair chain!

Fair Roast is an online marketplace for Specialty Coffee from Roasters  from the countries of origin!

We run Fair Roast out of the pure conviction to bring you the best coffee taste into your cups. We are all working together to change the coffee value chain. Coffee is only really good when the smallholder farmers have enough to live from it and the local roasters have a fair market access to the industrialized countries. This is the new fair chain!

The story at the beginning

With the idea of supporting the African continent and closing the energy gap for businesses, we entered the market in 2018 with our renewable energy company. Through our stay in various countries in Africa and South America, we are often in conversation with current customers on the topic of sustainable value chain and building local skilled workforce. Many of our customers are involved in the cultivation of roses, as well as fruit and coffee processing.
After many discussions we have come to the decision to open another branch in our company. We would like to give coffee roasters from the country of origin of coffee the opportunity to present their product both in Germany and throughout Europe. This opportunity not only changes the reach of coffee roasters, but also changes fair trade. For this reason we have given ourselves the name "Fair Roast", through this initiative we are changing the traditional value chain of coffee.
Fair Roast allows fragrant lovers to enjoy a pure pleasure through a true fair trade. Our selected roasters do their work with great dedication and care. Through their many years of experience, they give the coffee bean its original flavor, which allows our customers to be even closer to the coffee-growing country. The local roasters purchase their coffee exclusively directly from the coffee farmers, allowing complete transparency in terms of traceability. Through Fair Roast we make it possible to change the colonial coffee trade, as well as to increase the living conditions of local coffee farmers and roasters.
We look forward to you to become a part of the movement and enjoying premium specialty coffee.

The connoisseurs

Binyam founded Fair Roast together with Beniam. The bearded man is a coffee fan, globetrotter, bike enthusiast and has been a committed entrepreneur for years. He has been in the renewable energy sector for several years and is now in the coffee market. With a great passion for optimized processes, Binyam makes sure things run smoothly - from the online store to the ordering process and shipping - and that our customers are as happy as possible. At least when it comes to coffee!
Beniam is co-founder of Fair Roast with Binyam. As a connoisseur, he always attaches great importance to high-quality food that not only tastes good, but is grown ecologically and sustainably. As an incorrigible do-gooder, he tries to actively save the world or at least to make a positive impact. This is also in the foreground of the two companies he founded in the field of renewable energy and online coffee trading. A business has to be sustainable and fair for everyone involved.
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